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Instead of manually adding or updating Yahoo contacts, Yahoo automatically updates your contact data based on what you have given in your messages.
Although many Yahoo users’ people are happy with this Yahoo service, some want to disable it. So today, we will discuss how to enable/disable enhanced contacts in Yahoo Mail.
Note:- This feature is enabled by default, So if you want to disable it, then only follow the below-mentioned steps.
Steps to enable/disable enhanced contacts in Yahoo Mail
1. Open your web browser and enter into Yahoo account.
2. Click the Settings icon located on the top left side of the window.
3. Select more settings.
4. Click on Contacts on the left side panel.
5. Scroll down and click on disable to enhanced contacts in Yahoo Mail.
6. However, if you want to allow, and then click on enable next to "Enhance Contacts."
All earlier enhanced information will be lost; once you disable Enhanced Contacts, any earlier information saved from your contact's emails will be discarded.
11 Nov 2020 11:32 am
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The greatest size limit for Yahoo email with attachments is 25MB

Yahoo Mail enables you to attach files to emails to send to your recipients.

You can attach any file like Image, spreadsheets or pdfs to your email message. The maximum message size is 25MB, which covers all the elements and text of the email and its encoding.

For large attachments - those that exceed the size of 25MB - Yahoo Mail recommends using Dropbox to transfer a large file.

Upload huge files to a company server and send an email or offer you a link to send an email to your recipient. The recipient downloads the file straight from the transfer service website.

Send an Attachment with Yahoo Mail

To attach one or more tabs to a message you are writing on Yahoo Mail:

  1. Snap the icon to attach the File card to the message toolbar at the bottom of the screen

  2. Make a selection from the menu that appears. Choices include Distribute files from cloud providers, Add photos from current emails and Attach files from the computer.

  3. See and underline all the files you want to attach to your browser's file selector dialog. You can highlight some files in a dialog or use the Attach File icon frequently to attach more than one document.

  4. Click Select.

  5. Enter your message and send the email.

Send an Attachment with Yahoo Mail Basic

Attach a document from your computer to an email using Yahoo Mail Basic.

  1. Snap Attach Files to the subject line while writing an email to Yahoo Mail Basic.

  2. For up to five documents, snap Select File.

  3. Find and highlight the file you want to attach.

  4. Click Select or OK.

  5. Click attach files.

Send an Appendix with Yahoo Mail Classic

To send a file as an attachment to an email in Yahoo Mail Classic.

  1. When creating a message, follow the Attach Files link.

  2. Select Browse to choose a file you want to attach to your computer.

  3. Click attach files.

  4. To add more files, picked Attach Other Files. Yahoo Mail Classic takes files from your computer and mixes them with the message you are currently compiling. Also, any files you attach are automatically scanned for known viruses.

  5. Select Done to close the attachments window and return to the message composition page.

09 Apr 2020 05:11 am
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We feel frustrated when we get issues & error while accessing the Yahoo account. You may encounter this issue once in a while. but the point is what to do or what steps to be used to get relief from Yahoo mail errors. however, here we will share with you quick tips which can help you to solve your problems in Yahoo mail.

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27 Mar 2020 10:43 am
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